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  • 07:17 Popular Unlocking America's Potential

    Unlocking America's Potential

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    See how AVANCE's Parent-Child Education Program educates and empowers both parents and children to help families reach their full potential.

  • 04:37 Popular Kick Off Event KERA/Avance-Dallas

    Kick Off Event KERA/Avance-Dallas

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    Health Initiative Kick off April 2nd 2011.

  • 07:17 Popular AVANCE INC.


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    Early learning, early childcare.

  • Popular Avance- Dallas Overview

    Avance- Dallas Overview

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    Avance- Dallas made an overviewvideo including a few participants of the program who tell their stories and explain their struggles.

  • Popular Mothers' Stories

    Mothers' Stories

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    Stories told by the mothers of Avance- Dallas.

  • 07:21 Popular Avance Dallas Graduation!

    Avance Dallas Graduation!

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  • 02:21 Popular Avance- Dallas overview

    Avance- Dallas overview

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    Avance- Dallas made an overviewvideo including a fewparticipants of the program.

  • 00:53 Popular Avance- Dallas

    Avance- Dallas

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    Executive director for Avance- Dallas talks about her opinions on child development.

  • 08:33 Popular Laura Bush Keynote Speaker at  AVANCE - Dallas Luncheon

    Laura Bush Keynote Speaker at AVANCE - Dallas Luncheon

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    This is a video excerpt from AVANCE-Dallas' Annual Luncheon featuring Keynote Speaker Laura Bush on June 3, 2011.

  • 05:37 Popular AVANCE 5 min overview

    AVANCE 5 min overview

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    This video is an overview of AVANCE's Parent-Child Education Program and services. Thanks to our branch sites in Dallas and El Paso for making this video possible.

  • 01:16 Popular Dr. Chard on AVANCE Luminary Award

    Dr. Chard on AVANCE Luminary Award

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    Dr. David J. Chard, Dean of the Leon Simmons School of Education at SMU, explains why AVANCE was chosen as one of the 2012 Luminary Award winners.

  • 01:31 Popular AVANCE Testimonials

    AVANCE Testimonials

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    Why support AVANCE? Hear from a Board Certified Pediatrician, an AVANCE-Dallas Parent, and the Dean of SMU about why AVANCE is worth supporting.Please take a moment to donate to AVANCE at https://secure.piryx.com/donate/iLE6xTsx/AVANCE/Thank you!